The Front Office area is where all aspects of your contacts are managed: from creating new contacts to selling products and services to cleaning up duplicate records.  Because the Front Office is all about speed and accuracy, we’ve designed an intuitive tab-based layout where an overview of the account can be viewed with the ability to drill down for detailed information or action.

  • Single Contact Database developed specifically for schools and performance venues
    • Multiple contacts on one account
    • Multiple addresses
    • Mailing Name field for Email/USPS Mail
    • Age tracked by birthdate for minors
    • Customizable Contact Types (ie. Media, Vendor, Foundation)
  • Transaction and Activity History 
  • Subscription management for email and physical mail
  • Interests by category (ie. genre, instrument, etc.)
  • Complete Volunteer management
    • Volunteer application form
    • Volunteer ranking
    • Activity tracking
    • Point based reward system
  • Account Management
    • Merge/Fuse Contacts (removes duplicates)
    • Remove Contact/Account (makes inactive)
  • Advanced Notes/Notification system
  • Contacts are grouped by Accounts.  Each contact belongs to an account and there can be several contacts on one account.  Accounts are a way to group contacts so reports can be easily run on a family or household.
 Patron Tab ranks by total dollars spent or specific product

Patron Tab ranks by total dollars spent or specific product