Step 1 - Find a Course
Search by keyword, instructor, age, course type, ability level and any other way you categorize your courses.  Results are displayed in an easy to view list with pertinent information.

Step 2 - View Course Details
View a detailed description, image/video, instructor(s), dates & times, pricing and any restrictions.  If registration hasn't opened yet you can still display course information and the registration date and time.  You can also list courses that require students to call the office for registration.

Step 3 - Login or Create an Account
Returning users simply enter their username and password and they are on to registration.  New users can create an account which can include address information, age, gender, areas of interest and any other data you want to collect.

Step 4 - Course Registration
Select which person on the account is the student for this course.  Courses can be setup to require a student's age or be for members only.  Promo codes can be entered to get discounts or extra benefits.  For courses that allow multiple dates to be selected, the price changes instantly when days are added or removed from the schedule.  Any additional fees are also clearly marked and calculated so there are no surprises for your students.

Step 5 - Shopping Cart
Purchasers can "Continue Shopping" after the course has been put into the shopping cart.  Memberships, donations and gift certificates, as well as other courses, are easily added and can be purchased all in one transaction.  Customers have the option to store their credit card information through (credit card information is not stored on our servers) so when they return to the shopping cart, all they need to do is select which stored credit card to use. 

Step 6 - Confirmation and Receipt
Once the order has been completed, your customers are taken to a confirmation screen with a listing of all their course dates and course location.  An email is automatically sent with a PDF receipt that includes the same information.  Receipts include custom messaging based on the products included in the order.  So, students purchasing a workshop can receive the workshop specific cancellation and refund policies.