A key benefit of the ModVantage system is that each of your departments is accessing the same real-time data.  And since it is web-based, you can get your data anytime, anywhere.


The marketing department can generate targeted lists by filtering data by any category or specific course/event.  Best of all, the integrated email blast means no more downloading/uploading excel files into an external email program.  Robust analytics reports allow you to drill down to better understand the cause and effect of your marketing efforts.  Our marketing tools help you to promote your organization, not just your events.

  • Email/Mailing Lists
  • Integrated Email Blast
  • Promo Codes/Discount Codes
  • Marketing Campaign/Initiative Management
  • Membership Management
  • Analytics Reports


The integrated Development/Fundraising component within the contact database is crucial to non-profit organizations.  Knowing whom your donors are and nurturing future donors are equally important.

  • Create Fundraising Campaigns
  • Create Sponsorships/Levels
  • Manage Grant Requests
  • Track connections between your contacts (who knows who)
  • Rank Contacts by Total Dollars
  • Demographics 

Finance & Accounting

The Chart of Accounts is the foundation of the ModVantage system.  Each product/service is assigned to one or more Chart of Accounts.  This allows an export of data that matches exactly how you track your income in your accounting system. 

  • Chart of Account setup to mirror your QuickBooks or other accounting software
  • Export daily transactions for upload to QuickBooks or other accounting software
  • Daily, Monthly, Annual reporting by Chart of Account or product line
  • Automatically calculates Deferred Income for courses and events


The administration area allows you to set user-access privileges by section and manage system wide settings.

  • Manage all site settings
  • Edit public site and receipt text
  • Summary Reports

  Create promo codes for discounts

Create promo codes for discounts

  track who knows who

track who knows who