We aren't bold enough to claim that we've made creating and scheduling courses simple and easy, but we have developed a process that uses building blocks so you aren't recreating the wheel each session.  You start by creating the various components that make up a course: price codes, pay codes, fees, age ranges, ability levels and interest categories.  These need only be created once and you can select which apply to any given course.  Of course you can always edit and update them as necessary.

We support 4 different course types: Classes, Workshops, Camps and Private Lessons.  Instructors can submit new courses through the instructor portal.  They enter content into an online form, complete with drop downs of any categories you have created.  Once submitted, courses go into a Proposed Courses area where you can decide to accept, decline or edit the course.  No more emails going back and forth.  It is all stored in the system.

Once you've decided that a course is ready to be scheduled, simply activate the course and it will be available in the online scheduler.  Again, instructors can request to teach a specific course on specific dates through the instructor portal.  If you accept their request, the course is automatically added to the scheduler.  Or you can click on the interactive calendar and filter courses by instructor, course type or search by keyword.

The online scheduling calendar can be viewed by day, week, month or repeating day.  The repeating day feature allows you to view 8 Tuesdays at once.  This is great for viewing instructors schedules for the days they teach or view it by room to find gaps in the schedule for those last minute workshops.

The scheduler automatically alerts you to conflicts with the instructors schedule and room availability.  You can even customize the course schedule so a course can meet for three consecutive days from 2 pm to 4 pm and then have a performance on the fourth day from 5 pm to 7 pm.  

Finally, you have complete control over when courses are published to the website, when sales start and when they end.